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Welcome to, a blog that provides useful advice on how to choose and wear first class lingerie created by high-end designers.

With years of experience shopping and wearing lingerie, we want to help women and men find the lingerie that best fits their personality and body. Our recommendations are based on our own experience. We only share what we try and like.

Here at Guilty Pleasures, we are constantly up to date with the latest lingerie sales. This is where you can find the most attractive offers of the moment. However, we only feature promotions from lingerie boutiques and e-shops we’ve shopped at.

We’re honored to have so many readers who trust our recommendations. Nevertheless, we are aware that you can’t feel how beautiful and comfortable lingerie truly is until you try it. That’s why we often partner with our favorite brands only to offer free lingerie to our readers. If you enter our regular giveaways, you may as well be the lucky visitor to win some.

Story and The Team

Guilty Pleasures started as a one girl show in the first semester of 2008.

Miss Tique was awfully tired of her daily monotony and opened a blog to write about life’s most graceful moments. As she had always loved fancy cuisine, lingerie, garments, travels and books – a variety of topics to rant on were at hand.  After playing with all, she started to focus on her first and biggest love:  lingerie.  A name was still missing. Until one day.

During a trip abroad, in a country far, far away, while shopping for souvenirs with her friend at a local shop, Miss Tique got hypnotized by the intricate model of a delicate hand crafted ring. The seller (an old, witty man) told the girls how long and how hard an artist has to work to create just one fine piece. For each perfect piece contains the soul of its creator. “It’s only for a guilty pleasure to grow into a jewel” he said. Miss Tique paid for a ring and received a beautiful jewel and a brilliant name for her website to be.

From the beginning of 2009 to summer 2011, Guilty Pleasures was covered with Miss Tique and her friend Miss Teal (aka  Ally the workaholic gerbil). While Miss Tique focused on writing, Ally mostly dealt with the administrative requirements and necessities.

In 2011, Miss Tique decided to go separate ways and leave the Guilty-Pleasures team to follow her biggest dream and travel to far away countries.

At that moment I, Ally Teal took over Miss Tique’s part and since then I’ve dedicated all my free time to developing the blog and making it a top resource for lingerie lovers. I am a 20 something woman with a passion for fine lingerie. I strongly believe that lingerie is meant to make women feel beautiful inside and out, and you can’t buy that at a supermarket.  My desire is to share with you my personal insight on lingerie that boosts confidence, looks good, is feminine and comfortable.  I couldn’t do it alone, though.

Over the years, the team has been enriched with other lingerie lovers who offer you an inspirational, artistic approach towards the whole lingerie conceptual meaning. Please welcome:

Petra. In 2010 we teamed up with yet another lingerie addict and stocking connoisseur – the lovely Petra Bellejambes. When not advocating the cause of hosiery on Guilty Pleasures, Petra can be found writing lifestyle articles on Voyages en Rose.


Miki. Miki joined our team in 2011 and started her own section on Guilty-Pleasures Blog. As a professional hairstylist, Miki has an artistic view on how to wear lingerie with style, and not leave any detail out. She also has her own blog dedicated to Hairstyle secrets.

If you want to know our team better, if you have a lingerie proposal for us, or you want to know more about the advertising options on Guilty-Pleasures, write me at [email protected].